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Jasmine Milani

office administrator

Jasmine Milani
Office Administrator

Jasmine has been in the dental field for over two years after finishing her education as a standout student of Dental/Medical Office Administration – Health Services at Toronto’s Seneca College, where she graduated with honours. She recently joined the Aquadent team, has already fit right in and says, “I like being a part of Aquadent, because everyone is dedicated when it comes to their work and very willing to help one another succeed.” She knew Aquadent Dental Care was the right fit immediately upon seeing the friendly and family-like environment. She calls herself “a people’s person”.


Jasmine is the patient coordinator, office administrator, and treatment plan coordinator at Aquadent Dental Care.


Jasmine runs the show at Aquadent Dental Care! She is the jack-of-all-trades and tries to have a solution for every problem. Her earlier education and experience as a convincing psychologist and teacher make her capable of navigating the complexity of insurance claims and pre-determinations at the front desk. Jasmine is a natural neat freak and tries to keep everything and everybody tidy and perfectly organized (!), which makes her fit for the role of infection control officer at Aquadent Dental Care.

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