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We are dedicated to your oral health and will work with you to ensure you receive the best treatment possible. The goal of our Aquadent Dental care team is to ensure that your teeth and gums are healthy.

New patients are warmly welcomed at Aquadent!


At Aquadent, we always welcome new patients, and aim to make you feel comfortable and healthy, no matter what your oral health care needs maybe!

New Patient


Looking for a dental clinic to call home? Do you prefer to be treated at a high-tech dental clinic to ensure your oral health and beauty at an affordable cost? Aquadent Dental Care can help and is always welcoming new patients.


We are located on College St. and offer complimentary parking fees. We also think you’ll appreciate our evening and weekend availability.


Our dentist reviews your dental history, including any previous dental work, performs a complete oral exam, and creates a comprehensive and personalized treatment plan for you. No obligation! You always have the right to a second opinion. The results our clients see, and the satisfaction they feel make them stay with us for years.


Call to book an appointment!

New Patient

Types Of Dental Treatment

Our dentist and dental professionals take great pride in maintaining a comfortable and accommodating experience for our patients and their families.



A healthy smile is all about a confident smile, which everybody should have. 



We work with high-tech labs to restore the shape and size of the teeth with white or metal crowns. Call to book a consultation appointment!



We utilize the latest technology to repair and save deep cavities before the affected tooth needs to be pulled out. Call to book a consultation appointment!



We offer 2 types of teeth whitening procedures for those who want a brighter smile. Call to book a consultation appointment!



Invisalign straightens your teeth without wires and brackets, using a series of clear, called aligners.

Auadent Implants.jpg


We can fill the existing gaps with a high-tech permanent tooth replacement option of an implant. Call to book a consultation appointment!

Aquadent Dental Care Reopen

Re-Opening after COVID-19

Aquadent is now open to all dental services.

At Aquadent, we have taken all necessary precautions to make your dental visit safe, satisfactory and even pleasant. As always, we welcome all patients.

Feel free to email us, or call and talk to our infection control officer if you have any concerns. We do screening for patients and staff before the start of a workday.

Best wishes from Aquadent team.

Emergency Dental

At Aquadent, we understand that dental emergencies can and do often happen, and are a huge concern for many of our patients. That’s why we offer extended evening and weekend hours to ensure that our patients have access to emergency services. 


Emergency Dental

Call us at ‭(416) 666-0578‬ or walk in person to book an appointment.

Dental emergencies may include but not limited to:

Loss of a tooth


Broken denture


Signs of infection

Cracked bridge or crown

Jaw injury

Excessive bleeding

We do direct billing with the majority of insurance companies, and our clients are just countable for the co-payment portion. please see some names as follows:​

At Aquadent, we pride ourselves on our commitment to our patients. We hope to see you soon!  Call us at 416-901-0224 or walk in person to book an appointment.

We highly recommend visiting our office for a professional cleaning every 6 months. If you have oral health issues including gum disease, we may recommend visiting more frequently.

Aquadent Dental Care Team

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Aquadent Dental Care

799 College St, Toronto 
ON, M6G 1C7, Canada
Tel: (416) 901-0224
Fax: (416) 901-0772

Call us at 416-901-0224 or walk in person to ask us how it works and book an appointment.

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